During my time working at LAB Sevilla, The University of Seville asked us to create an identity proposal for their new gallery concept. This was to showcase the archives of the university’s different faculties. The name of this new concept space is LA FABRICA. Due to the varying subject matters and spaces each department brought to the project, a flexible identity was developed. This lead to the creation of a modular logotype whereby the L and A can move to create varying spaces and windows in which imagery and text can interact with the identity.

This sans serif Raleway logotype is paired with the serif Lora to connect with the university’s current branding. Simple university icons were developed to work in conjunction with the typographic system. These are to be used in each appropriate faculty site.
Further showcasing the flexible possibilities of the dynamic L and A, a simple wayfinding system was derived from the letters. This highlights one of the many varying ways in which this identity can continue to grow and develop over time; ensuring a sense of longevity in the design.