Virgin Sevilla is a specialist coffee roasters and coffee shop located in the heart of Seville. Brand consolidation was required as there were coherency issues with the brand usage. Copyright problems also meant that the brand needed to be refreshed. In spite of these branding inconsistencies Virgin Sevilla has established a reputation as one of the best coffee suppliers in Seville. It was important to the client that key elements such as the colour and logo (which references the arabica bean) be maintained. There was an interest in implementing classic Swiss design aesthetics. Subtle changes were therefore made to create a fresh, modern identity along with a more functional logo.
This brand refresh gave an opportunity to strengthen the brand identity and bring to the fore untapped brand stories. This led to a Virgin Mary halo referencing icon to be developed from the V in Virgin in a Swiss style.
This lent itself to create pattern and icon assets that also connected to traditional tile patterns seen around the city of Seville, which were found in the cafe also.